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Our History

Ice Mountain Drinking Water and Beverages was launched from Tet Nay Company Limited and CKB Company Limited starting in late 2012. It was established more and gained more of market share of Yangon's Purified Drinking Sector between 2013 to 2015.

Ice Mountain Drinking Water Original was introduced in late 2012.

Ice Mountain Vitamin Water (Sports Drink) : Lychee/ Orange was introduced in late 2013.

From 2013 to 2015, the market has been expanded largely - especially in Tarmwe Township, Yankin Township, Mingalar Taung Nyunt Township, South Okkalarpa Township, North Okkalarpa Township, South Dagon Township and North Dagon Township, Thaketa Township, Thingangyun Township, Hlaing Township, Mingalardon Township, Hlaing Tharyar Township, East Dagon Township,Dala Township, many more townships especially suburbs and emerging townships and a lot of highway express cars and so much more.

In the Year 2016, We have upgraded our capacity to five times, We will penetrate our market into downtown sectors and sub-downtown areas - such as Latha Township, BoTaHtaung Township, Bahan Townships, and Myaynigone Townships, Pazuntaung Township, Sanchaung Township, Pabedan Township, Lanmadaw, KyiMyintDaing Township, KyaukTaDa Township, Kamaryut Township and so much more. We can go and introduce some small hotels and restaurants that have not been partnered with established strong water brands with our Ice Mountain Premium Water Bottles. Our Ice Mountain Premium Water Bottles are not only the quality of water is absolutely clean and crystallized clear, but also the appearance and package of our bottles are better, plastics of bottles are thicker and nicer looks with which customers and consumers can recycle and reuse our bottle plastics by re-filling for re-use and re-cycle since it will be not only attractive long-lasting bottles but also in compact sizes - since we have two sizes of bottles: 600 ml and 1000 ml or 1L. For travel, take 1L. For daily use and for re-fill, 0.6L is enough.

In the late 2016, We have planned to put our first step footprints in selling our "Ice Mountain Original" and Our "Ice Mountain Premium" to Bago Regions, Townships between Yangon - Bago, and Irrawaddy Delta Regions.

In the late 2016 or early 2017, We have planned to produce mineral water and Sparkling water as well.

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