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Vision & Mission

Our logo

Ice Mountain’s Drinking Water and Beverages are committed to making sustainable living commonplace and our logo is a visual expression that we will support to everyone whoever needs water, hydrated drink, and vitamin water juices around the nations. Each icon has rich meaning at its core, and represents some aspects of our efforts to make sustainable living commonplace.

Our vision

CKB Company Limited is a unique company with a proud history in Palm Oil Plantation together with a bright future in Purified Drinking Water and Beverages. CKB Company Limited and Tet Nay Company Limited are two main distributor companies of “Ice Mountain Purified Drinking Water” and “Vitamin Water Juices”. We also have ambitious plans for sustainable growth and an intense sense of social purpose not only in our Palm Oil Plantation Sector but also in our Beverages Sector.

Ice Mountain has a clear direction with strategy for sustainable business, with driving transformation change for company’s and company’s product constant and consistent improvement for a bright future and a brighter future of the company. Our Company – provides end-to-end process from plastic PE and PET resins to Distribution of the Drinking Water Bottles and Beverages under the name of “Ice Mountain” and “Vitamin Water”.

Main Purpose

Our Company’s main purpose is to make sustainable living commonplace. We work to create a better future everyday with our products by providing affordable price with low profit margins to all of our customers from Yangon and other cities far away from Yangon which are less developed and clear-water deficient. In early 2016, we donated over 60 dozens of “Vitamin Water” Beverages distributed by CKB Company Limited to Irrawaddy Delta Region. We again donated 100 dozens of “Vitamin Water” Beverages to Inner Regions of Mandalay Divisions. Our strategy is for sustainable growth. From 2016, we start to have Plastic Recycled Machine Line and starts to use Recycled PET along with Pure PET to save the costs for both customers and manufacturer.

Sustainable Growth of Ice Mountain

Sustainable Growth sets out clear and compelling vision to double size of the business, while reducing our environmental footprint and increasing our positive social impact and gives life to our determination to build a sustainable business for long-term.

Since we distributed mainly with Seaports to Irrawaddy Delta Region and High-Way Express – the entire Myanmar distribution since our drinking water bottles and vitamin water drinks are relatively cheaper than that of other competitors since we are late comers to the market. We cannot yet penetrate our products into hotels, restaurants and supermarkets as yet. However, all of our Purified Drinking Water Products and Beverage Products are the standardized and certified products and no less quality of that of others. All of our products are FDA (Food & Drug Administration) Certified. Hence, it is proven that our Purified Drinking Water and Beverages are clean, hygienic and pure. We are going to expand our beverages sector more to Carbonated Drinks and Carbonated Water (Soda) in the following years.

Furthermore, we are also strengthening customer relationship management not only to retain customers but also to gain customers from basic level of consumers to premium level of consumers whom eat at hotels. We have a plan of producing water bottles in glass bottles after having had a survey in the market. This has been done successfully in developed and developing richer countries.

And by leveraging our national reach and inspiring people to take small, little steps everyday actions, Our Company and Our staffs believe we can help make a big difference to the nation or country as a whole or as a part in Beverages and Purified Drinking Water Sector.

Intense Competition in Beverages Market

Ice Mountain believes that as there are more competitors in the market, we should open our eyes and participate in challenges that the nation faces. We have to find a solution to penetrate into the market as a late comers since the Purified Drinking Water and Made-Mineral Water Products have low-barrier to entry, large monopoly by 2-3 dominant market leaders. There is only one way to save costs and sell with less profit margins.

Ice Mountain believes that instead of competing with one another with fully competitive market. Instead of competing one another, Company shall sell water and drinking water juices with low profit margins as a set price in high volume. On the other hand, Selling with low-profit margin makes buying power of basic people affordable, thus this effect can create more profitable and sustainable nation as a whole and more promote and increase life expectancy of people in villages and poor towns as a whole. On the other hand, for our Beverages Sector, in 2013, we started with Semi-Automatic Machinery Line with 2000 BPH 600 ml and 1000 BPH in 1L in South Okkalarpa and Semi-Automatic Machinery Line with 2000 BPH 600ml and 1000 BPH in 1L in Mingalardon. In Mingalardon Factory, We also produce 100 Big Bottles of (20L) per hour – Transparent/Opaque.

In 2016, we are going to add all the machinery line to Automatic Machinery Line – 8000 BPH of 600ml bottles and 5000-6000 BPH of 1L bottles.

Our Priorities and Principles

Ice Mountain is committed to supporting sustainability and providing our consumers around the nations with the products they need with low profit margins and get more out of life – strengthening their buying power and promoting & enhancing their health. The Three Key Priorities That “Ice Mountain Foundation” for Our Brand Campaigns

  • To support the less fortunate people in Poor Town and Villages to support with water and hydrated drinks
  • To support the life expectancy of old people longer with water and hydrated drinks
  • To support the health of children better so that young’s death are eliminated and abdominal and related diseases can be eliminated with water and hydrated drinks

Ice Mountain’s Water and Beverages Foundations

That is – We have done a charity and donation campaign in Irrawaddy Delta Regions and Inner Mandalay Divisions By donating 60 dozens of “Vitamin Water” and 100 dozens of “Vitamin Water” each.

Purpose & Principles

Our Corporate Purpose states that to succeed - to best provide water and beverages to entire nations – We must provide “the highest standards of Corporate Behavior towards Everyone We work with, the communities we touch and The Environment on Which We will have an impact of.”

Ice Mountain’s Integrity

Ice Mountain recognizes the importance of Corporate Behavior and Ice Mountain is committed to achieving and providing the highest standards of Quality Products and Raw Materials.
We conduct all of our operations from Buying Raw Materials – PE resins and PET resins, Manufacturing Purified Drinking Water Bottles and Vitamin Water Drinks to Distributing Our Customers in the entire Yangon, Bago and the Entire nation Via Selling Directly to Highway Express and Seaport Ships to Entire Myanmar. Since we conduct all of our operations with Integrity and with respect for the many people, Organizations and Environments that we worked with since 2013 always worked with us – since we are reliable, responsible and cost-effective solution product that our business touches has always been at the heart of our corporate responsibility.

Positive impact

We aim to make a positive impact in many ways: through our raw materials, our drinking water and our beverage products, our commercial operations and relationships – such as billboards, through voluntary contributions – such as donations to Irrawaddy Delta Regions and Some Other Inner Regions in Mandalay Divisions, and through the various other ways in which we engage with society.

Continuous commitment

We're also committed to continuously improving the way we manage our environmental impacts and are working towards our longer-term goal of developing a sustainable business.

Setting out our aspirations

Our Corporate Purpose sets out our aspirations in running our business. We have Code of Business Principles – which describes the operational standards and we as well follow Ethical Standards.

Working with others

We want to work with suppliers, agents, distributors and other third parties who have values similar to our own and work to the same standards we do. We want to work together in long-term. We want to rely on one another supporting each other. We want to improve growing the success of one another by developing win-win policy.

Our First Priority

Our first priority is to be a successful business in Palm Oil Plantation Sector and Beverages Sector – that means investing for growth and balancing short-term and long-term interests. It also means caring about our customers, employees and shareholders, our business partner and the nation (Myanmar) in which we live.

Our Strategy

Our Strategy is our recipe or our plan or our step-by-step process to help us achieve our purpose of winning strategic plan by retaining customers and gaining customers or making sustainable living place commonplace.

Our strategic focus

Our Strategic Focus is to achieve our long-term goal. With a low profit-margin, we must sell in large volumes that deliver growth to the benefit of all stakeholders.

Ice Mountain Beverages have these following factors to brighten the company’s integrity and purposes. They are - Consistent, Competitive, Profitable, and Responsible.

Ice Mountain’s Consistency

Ice Mountain has consistency in Sales Growth, Core operating Profit Margin and Free Cash Flow by continuously investing in our supply chain, our brands and marketing, our people and our technology-advanced machine and our IT.

Ice Mountain is consistent in delivering products. As the product’s sales order grow, Ice Mountain keeps up with producing demand orders and meet the demand needs on time. Ice Mountain has a core reputation success for this.

Ice Mountain delivers consistency in underlying sales growth, core operating margin, and free cash flow by continuously investing in our supply chain, our brands, and marketing our people, and IT.

Ice Mountain Beverage Products are FDA certified – Food & Drug Administration Certified. For Ice Mountain Purified Drinking Water, They are treated by Reverse Osmosis Method, They are treated by Ozone, They are treated by Ultraviolet and more, they are again treated by 5-steps ceramic filters. Hence, it is certified and proved “Ice Mountain Drinking Water” and “Vitamin Water” Drinks are Hygienic, Pure, Clean and Certified.

Ice Mountain’s Survival in Competitive Market

Ice Mountain entered our beverages sector in 2013. We started out with semi-automatic machine. In 2016, we added 8000 BPH fully automatic machine and carbonated machine by investing in innovation. By investing in innovation we can grow our market share while also seeking to enter new markets and new segments.

Ice Mountain’s Sustainable and Continuous Growth in Sales

Ice Mountain seeks continuous improvement in our products, we must be innovative, well-designed, well-packaged, well-certified, and well-maintenance of quality.

Ice Mountain’s being a Responsible and Certified Product

Growth – happens when there is positive social impact by creating larger social circles of wider customers and reduced environmental footprints by reusing and recycling products, which saves a lot of costs.
Not only the growth of customer is important, Retaining and Maintenance of Customer as well is important. To maintain, it is important to have enough supplies for order demands on time. It is very important to have right amount of demand and supply.

Ice Mountain’s Business Model

Ice Mountain’s Business Model is to develop and maintain success is to understand customer’s insights, and to know what customer wants. Another main purpose is to collaborate with charity organization with its foundations to do donations and charities to drive change that’s good for society and good for business.
Ice Mountain’s foundation has had a key campaign in donating 60 dozens of Vitamin Water donation and distribution to Irrawaddy Delta Region, and 100 dozens of Vitamin Water donation and distribution to Inner Mandalay Division.
Collaboration is crucial not only with charity organizations but also with partners of supply chain such as customers and suppliers of raw materials and creates innovation in products and packaging.
The other key purpose is to have constant innovation – constant design of bottles, constant design of the sleeve label, the constant design of packaging. For R&D department, they should as well work on maintenance and improvement of taste and quality of Beverages.

Ice Mountain’s Beverages Timeline

  • 2013 entered into Purified Drinking Water with Semi-Water Production Machine producing 0.6L, 1L, 20L (Transparent/Opaque) in Mingalardon and received FDA
  • 2014 entered into Beverages Sector “Vitamin Water” Drinks – Available in Orange, Lychee and Lemon
  • 2015 expanded 0.6L and 1L semi-automatic machine in South Okkalarpa Site (1)
  • 2016 (new Factory ware house) – (100’ x120’) – Plastic Recycling Machine, Injection Machine (Cap & Preforms), 8000 BPH Purified Drinking Water Fully Automatic Machine and 4000 BPH Carbonated Water Fully Automatic Machine was expanded and started to apply for ISO 22000.

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